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The companies we proudly represent:

Please click on one of the logos below to go to that company's specific website.


Laco Technologies Inc, Leak Test Solutions Div.

Leak detection and vacuum technology is our core. With over 45 years of industry experience, we connect applications with engineered solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Applications include Automotive/EV Batteries, Consumer Products, Electronics, Medical Devices/Products, Power & Energy, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Industries. 


Extreme Microbial Technologies

Acting as the exclusive Dealer, we are providing non-toxic and earth-friendly microbial decontamination solutions for any indoor space. Our ACTIVE ionized Hydrogen Peroxide technology continually seeks out and attacks existing microbes, such as Covid-19, H1N1, Listeria, mold, bacteria, and VOCs with 99% proven and certified tested capability- all while being environmentally safe for humans, animals, plants, and food. Nasty microbes are attacked both in the air as well as on any surfaces within the area of treatment.


Syft Technologies

Syft-MS stands for Selected Ion Flow Tube-Mass Spectrometry. Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a form of direct mass spectrometry that analyses volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and permanent gases in air, with typical detection limits at parts-per-trillion levels (by volume: pptV). Real-time, quantitative analysis is achieved by applying precisely controlled ultra-soft chemical ionization (USCI), coupled with mass spectrometric detection. With direct SIFT-MS, the need for sample preparation, pre-concentration and chromatography is eliminated. 

Applications include Semiconductor, specializing in high and quick sensitivity analysis of a very wide range of AMCs.



We specialize in liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, helium, and argon, VJ (vacuum jacketed) piping, cryogenic equipment, and cryogenic applications and installations.

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